WATCH: A new Irish ad will really make you stop and think 2 years ago

WATCH: A new Irish ad will really make you stop and think

Brought to you by Focus Ireland

“It just feels like a never-ending nightmare…”


The last six months or so have been tough for us all.

Since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of restrictions to everyday life, we’ve all had to adapt to what have been very challenging circumstances.

Career insecurity. Not being able to see family and friends. Missing out on social occasions that we once took for granted. All of these concerns and far more besides. It’s been a trying time.

So, imagine, on top of all that, not having a home to call your own. Staying in emergency accommodation or worse, sleeping rough on the streets. Having to deal with homelessness as well as everything else.


The following ad from Focus Ireland serves as a reminder that while all of us have had it tough, there are others who find themselves in a far more arduous predicament.

As ‘Yvonne’ says below, “everything just feels so hopeless”.

Clip via focusireland


While coverage of the issue might have taken a back seat to matters relating to the pandemic in recent times, homelessness continues to affect thousands of people in Ireland.

Throughout lockdown, Focus Ireland worked and has continued to work on providing solutions to those experiencing homelessness throughout the country. Challenging homelessness. Changing lives.

You can do your bit to help Focus Ireland battle homelessness and help them provide much-needed warm, nutritious meals for families, help them reach out to families in crisis and help them to provide vital support for children in emergency accommodation.

Help them by making a donation and making a difference.


For more information, check out the Focus Ireland website.

Focus Ireland believe that everyone has a right to a place they can call home and are driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong. For more information, check out

Brought to you by Focus Ireland