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26th Feb 2017

WATCH: The New York Times’ first TV ad in nearly a decade is simple, powerful stuff

Rory Cashin

During the Oscars tonight, the New York Times will air their first TV advert in over seven years.

Black and white, with only words on the screen, the ad is at once very minimalist but also overpowering and brilliantly effective.

Speaking to CNN, New York Times branding exec David Rubin said “The idea is to be a part of that discussion about what does it mean to find the truth. What does that mean in a world of ‘fake news’? And what is the role of journalism and journalists in that process and what is the role of reader in supporting that journalism?”

Journalism is under attack from all sides these days, with newspapers find themselves on the receiving end of constantly dwindling numbers, not to mention that the ‘Leader of the Free World’ has banned many big name media outlets from attending future White House press events, now is as good a time as any to be reminded of the great work done by those who seek out the truth.

Clip via The New York Times

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