WATCH: 'The Tear in Ireland's Eye' offers a moment of calm ahead of Friday's referendum 2 years ago

WATCH: 'The Tear in Ireland's Eye' offers a moment of calm ahead of Friday's referendum

If you need to shut out the noise, we urge you to take a few moments to watch 'The Tear in Ireland's Eye'.

Amnesty International Ireland and artist Sinéad Brennan have come together to create 'The Tear in Ireland's Eye,' a short film which signifies the hurt and the pain experienced by women under the shadow of the Eighth Amendment in this country.

The film - which features Sinéad bringing the sculpture to Ireland's Eye, off the coast of Dublin, along with the project's Jack Robertson - depicts the coming together of men and women to end the injustice of Ireland's failure to look after its women and girls, and ultimately represents the hope that a Yes vote on Friday will bring.

"Women’s rights and equality issues are a common theme in my work," says Sinéad.

"I wanted to use my art to highlight this important issue, and capture the quiet sadness, pain and struggle all too often endured by women in Ireland. I also want to show the many men who support women in their decisions. This film also reflects the possibility for healing 35 years of harm if a ‘yes’ vote is carried on May 25th."

Sorcha Tunney, Coordinator of Amnesty International Ireland’s ‘It’s Time’ campaign, highlighted the inherently hopeful message the film conveys with the referendum just two days away.

"As the referendum campaign enters its final days, this film is designed to be a quiet moment of reflection on what women and their families endure," she said.

"But also how women are clear and resolute in their decisions. It also shows how, by voting ‘yes’, people in Ireland can make a statement about who we are and the society we aspire to be. An Ireland is now possible where all people who become pregnant are treated with dignity, compassion, equality and respect."