WATCH: Window cleaners rescued from swinging lift in America 4 years ago

WATCH: Window cleaners rescued from swinging lift in America

If you have a fear of heights, this is definitely not the video for you.

Footage shared on Wednesday shows a basket with window cleaners inside it, swinging from side to side at the top of Devon Tower in Oklahoma.


As the basket swung violently, specialists made their way to the top of the tower in an attempt to rescue those in the basket.

They then secured rope bags to the building, and managed to throw the bags to the window cleaners.

The basket was out of reach of the fire department's tallest ladders, so firefighters were forced to break windows on an upper floor, and after they stopped the basket from swinging, they pulled the workers inside to complete the rescue.

Incredible stuff.


Take a look at the terrifying incident here:

Closer videos showed them physically holding on for their lives.


"This is a very dangerous situation, please avoid the area," the Oklahoma City Fire Department tweeted prior to the rescue.

It is estimated that the basket was swinging at a height of 844 feet.


According to the, after being assessed by medics, the fire department said that they "remarkably" refused any further treatment, although one of the window cleaners may have suffered a "minor shoulder injury", according to some reports.

An absolute miracle.