Met Éireann says the weather is going to be pretty decent next week 4 years ago

Met Éireann says the weather is going to be pretty decent next week

Summer, is that you?

In fairness, for the last few weeks the weather has been grim.


We've had rain, hail, and even the odd thunder storm.

It's June, for crying out loud. We want our summer, please.

And it looks like things are starting to improve...

According to Met Éireann, next week will see bright weather, with some light showers.


We'll take it.

The forecast for the week ahead reads:

"Any scattered showers will die out and Monday night will be dry, with clear intervals. Minimum temperatures 6 to 8 Celsius, in light to moderate northerly breezes.

"Tuesday will be mainly dry and bright, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells, but a few well scattered showers will develop during the day.


"Temperatures will be close to normal, or a little below, with maximum values of 14 to 18 Celsius."

met eireann

"It will be coolest on north and east facing coasts, in mostly moderate north to northeast winds, winds fresh in some coastal areas.

"Tuesday night will be mainly dry, but rain may develop on the southeast coast towards morning. Min. 7 to 9 C.


"Wednesday will see some uncertainty in the forecast, but early indications are for a spell of persistent and locally heavy rain to move gradually in from the east, becoming widespread across Leinster and much of Munster by the end of the day, but Atlantic coastal counties will remain mostly dry until Wednesday night.

"Quite windy, with fresh north to northeast winds, strong on some coasts. Cool in the east and south, with max. temperatures of 12 to 14 Celsius, but milder elsewhere, with values of 13 to 16 Celsius."

As for the rest of the week, and into next weekend?

Current indications suggest that the weather will remain relatively cool and unsettled with scattered showers and possibly longer spells of rain at times, but good sunny spells also.

Yes to sunny spells. No to showers.


Let's just see how it goes, yeah?