Met Éireann forecast reveals the “warmest weather so far this year” is coming our way 4 years ago

Met Éireann forecast reveals the “warmest weather so far this year” is coming our way

Thought it was hot earlier this month? It’s about to get even hotter.

Ireland is about to experience the “warmest weather so far this year” and “an extended settled spell” according to the latest forecast from Met Éireann.


In news that will bring a smile to the face to all who enjoyed the long overdue spell of pleasant weather that arrived in late May and early June, Met Éireann have forecast “very warm or even hot conditions developing into next week with sunshine prevailing”, with the country set to enjoy the “warmest weather so far this year”.

News of a potential heatwave comes off the back of a very welcome weather forecast for the coming weekend, when temperatures will reach highs of 24 degrees and conditions are expected to be mostly dry and sunny from Thursday through to Sunday.

Considering that temperatures in the mid-20s were a common occurrence during the most recent spell of warm weather, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that they may edge even closer to 30 degrees early next week.

Best have the sun cream at the ready, we don't want a repeat of this after all...


The term “extended settled spell”, meanwhile, suggests that we may get to bask in glorious sunshine for quite some time too. Amen to that.

Get the factor 50 out, prepare the barbeque and have the Speedos at the ready (actually, maybe leave the Speedos where they are); next week is going to be a sizzler.