Forecaster predicts today could be the hottest day in Irish history 5 years ago

Forecaster predicts today could be the hottest day in Irish history

'This is exceptional heat and likely to cause distress throughout the week.'

While it is all well and good to be enjoying the summer sun, it can sometimes be easy to forget that if temperatures get too high, that brings with it a new set of problems, including concerns for individual health and safety, as well as the very high likelihood of forest fires taking place across the country.


Midlands Weather Channel forecaster Cathal Nolan posted the following to Facebook on Tuesday evening:

"Tomorrow, Wednesday, has the potential to be the hottest day ever recorded in Irish history. Some models, specifically those on Meteociel, indicate that temperatures across the Mid West tomorrow could reach as high as 33 degrees Celsius.

"This certainly is exceptional heat and is likely to cause some distress throughout the remainder of the week.

"Remember to hydrate efficiently, and at all times wear suncream if you are exposed to direct sunlight.


"Forecast fires may well become an issue, with a status red forest fire warning now in force across the country."

For all of those who remember the incredibly bad weather from the most recent winter, Nolan also accurately predicted how that would turn out, warning that we were about to be hit by a status red weather warning and up to 40cm of snow.

Speaking to JOE, Met Éireann said that while there was no red weather warning for temperatures in Ireland, an orange weather warning would only be issued if the majority of the country reached temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, but as of Wednesday afternoon, they stated that issuing such a warning was unlikely.

At the time a writing, a yellow weather warning is in place nationwide, and is expected to remain in place until 8pm on Friday.