Weather watch: Storm abating, snow in places and be careful on the roads folks 6 years ago

Weather watch: Storm abating, snow in places and be careful on the roads folks

Yesterday might have been the worst of it, but it's still going to be pretty miserable for the next few days we're afraid.

People throughout the country are still counting the cost of the devastating damage wreaked by the storms which ravaged the country yesterday, with evidence of buildings badly damaged and fallen trees pretty much nationwide suggesting that yesterday was the worst of a series of bad days we have been hit with in recent weeks.

Up to 190,000 homes remain without power according to the ESB and may remain without it for a number of days, but the forecast from Met Eireann this morning suggests that things are improving for the better, if only very, very slightly. And by very, very slightly we mean not as bad as yesterday but still pretty damn terrible all the same.

Today’s forecast on the Met Eireann website predicts further winds, showers and cold temperatures, but not as stormy as yesterday, with snowfall expected to fall in places throughout the day.

Widespread frost and the cold temperatures have led to dangerous conditions on roads, particularly on untreated roads in rural areas and AA Roadwatch have been posting a series of updates about ice, black ice and fallen trees in various parts of the country, so before you hit the road this morning (and be very careful if you are behind the wheel), be sure to check the AA Roadwatch Twitter account for more information.

As for the weekend, there’s no respite from the wind and rain, unfortunately, with severe winds expected on Friday night and severe frost expected on Saturday night on what looks like being a pretty miserable weekend overall.