This weekend looks set to mark the return of the good weather 1 year ago

This weekend looks set to mark the return of the good weather

A cloudy week is set to pave the way for a bright and sunny weekend.

On the back of the seventh storm of the year (cheers, Hector) it's somewhat enlightening to check Met Éireann's forecast and see that more good weather is on the way.

While heatwave-worthy reports may not be forecast, Met Éireann are expecting sunny spells, high temperatures and mostly dry weather for this weekend.

The week that's in it will be cloudy as temperatures rise slowly throughout the week, with temperatures hitting the early twenties most days.

According to Met Éireann, Monday will see some short sunny spells today in the east but it will cloudy for the most part.

"Dry apart from a few spots of drizzle or light rain - these mainly in the south and southwest. Highest temperatures ranging from 16 in the northwest to between 18 and 21 degrees in the midlands and south. Moderate southwest breezes."

Tuesday is set to be the same again, with the best weather expected in the east of the country.

Wednesday and Thursday will both be a little cooler and cloudy throughout the day. Temperatures will be in the mid to high teens.

Friday will be dry with light variable winds. Cloudiness and warm sunny spells will be felt throughout the country.

The weekend, meanwhile, will be "dry and fine with warm sunny weather prevailing". Inland temperatures are likely to rise well into the 20s; with fresher temperatures expected on coastal areas due to sea breezes.

So, following a changeable and mostly cloudy week, the weather should prevail into bright, warm days and higher temperatures.

After last week, we'll definitely have that.