We're hiring – Maximum Media to recruit 42 new employees 6 years ago

We're hiring – Maximum Media to recruit 42 new employees

42 new jobs coming to the Digital Media Sector...

Maximum Media, Ireland’s no.1 digital publishing company, today announced 42 new jobs which will see its workforce increase from 66 to over 100 employees in the next 12 months.


The home of the successful websites JOE.ie, Her.ie, SportsJOE.ie, HerFamily.ie and JOE.co.uk, Maximum Media will hire twenty of the new positions in the first half of 2016.

The roles will include Multimedia Journalists, Social Content Innovators, Commercial and Creative Strategists, Ad Operations and Video Production Specialists. The company will also invest heavily in recruitment and infrastructure to ensure their Dublin HQ remains the principal data hub for the UK & Ireland business.


The first key hire will be a new Editor of Her.ie, which has rebranded and embarked upon a new editorial direction.


This is the second significant jobs announcement in just over 24 months. The digital publishing powerhouse previously announced 20 new jobs in September 2013 but eventually went on to hire 31 new employees in total. Maximum Media now employs 56 people in Dublin and 10 in the UK.


Managing Director of Maximum Media Katie Molony said these announcements come at the end of what has been a successful year for the digital media industry overall.

“Maximum Media has had an extremely successful year in 2015 and we will continue to invest in the business with a primary focus on talent and innovation. This year alone, we have grown our audience to over 10M unique users each month across our digital brands, we launched two new sites, extended our geographical footprint with two new offices in the UK and now we’re finishing the year with a substantial jobs announcement.


"Quality content for our engaged audience, strong social media, and creativity is vital to our long term success and we are investing heavily in these areas for 2016.”


As part of the expansion, MADE by Maximum Media will officially launch next month. The new branded content solutions department will offer current and potential clients Multimedia Content Creation, Animation, Video Production, Social Media Amplification, Market Research, Rich Media Ad Production, Multimedia Design and Development.

This new department is a formalisation of existing client offerings, maximising content creation potential by installing a purpose built, in-house studio in the Dublin office. MADE will then be responsible for amplifying all content online to the company’s extensive and highly-engaged Maximum Media lifestyle channels and social media audience to share a brand's story even further.


Niall Mc Garry - Maximum Media

Niall McGarry, CEO of Maximum Media, said: "Maximum Media sees itself as an internationally-focused digital publisher based in Dublin. We’ve invested time and effort to ensure our brands have become well-established in Ireland and have been profitable for the last four years of our five year history.

"The UK is now a major focus for us and we will roll out two more titles there by the end of 2016. Our brands will not only exist, but also thrive in a myriad of different countries and we are steadfast in our belief that we will see JOE and Her in multiple jurisdictions by 2018.

"We are constantly working hard to improve our Irish product and are committed to delivering better content to our audiences each and every day. Having experienced phenomenal growth in 2015, we will continue to challenge ourselves and we are determined to raise the bar in digital development and social innovation".

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