PICS: This is why you're seeing people making the OK symbol all over your social media 7 years ago

PICS: This is why you're seeing people making the OK symbol all over your social media

We are JOE and we support this message.

#itsokaytotalk is trending.


The tag is being accompanied by photos of people making the OK symbol and nominating five others to do the same.

The campaign was started by Luke Ambler, the international Irish rugby league player who plays for Halifax, who wants to draw attention to men's mental health.


Luke set up Andy's Man Club, after his brother-in-law died by suicide. The group meets once a week in Halifax, and is a space for men to go and speak openly about what is going on in their lives.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports Ireland, Luke highlighted how hard it is for some men to talk about how they feel. One of the primary reasons he understands men contemplate suicide is because they think they are weak.

Luke wants to help get rid of the 'taboo around men's mental health' and the 'stigmatism that surrounds it'.


Previously we've seen the power of Twitter and social media campaigns to quickly spread awareness on an issue that profoundly needs public attention. This is one of those issues.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 15-34 years in Ireland. More young men die by suicide than by road traffic accidents and rates of youth suicide in Ireland are now the 4th highest in Europe.


Andy's Man Club is only five weeks old, but the attention it has received and the massive response from the public is a sure indicator this is an issue people need to continue to talk about and give support to.


It is okay to talk.


Main image via Tom Curran, Ricky Gervais, Danny Ciprani, Freddie Burns.