Woman settles court case after being run over by the milk float from Father Ted 8 years ago

Woman settles court case after being run over by the milk float from Father Ted

Claims that a brick was placed on the accelerator have been unproven so far

In what may be the most Irish story we've ever heard, a woman has settled a High Court action for damages after she claimed that she was run down by a replica of or the actual milk float from the famous 'Speed 3' episode of Father Ted at a charity event in 2008.


According to The Irish Times, the Ted 40 Event involved pushing a milk float from Ennistymon to Kilfenora in Co Clare, a distance of approximately 10kms, but somewhere along the way things went wrong and the float was “driven or steered erratically” before hitting Geraldine Naughton, who claims that she was trapped between the vehicle and a makeshift roundabout which is when her leg was run over by the float.

Ms. Naughton was left with a fracture to her fibula, and was forced to use crutches for eight weeks, as well as being left with a permanent scar and unable to do any sort of physical exercise without experiencing pain, so it was no laughing matter for her, despite the somewhat comic sounding nature of how the whole thing happened. To do that sort of injury to someone, the float must have been traveling well in excess of 4mph. In case you need a mental image, the accident may have looked something like this:

We're not entirely sure what line the legal team took on it, but if they didn't go with the line "have you ever seen the damage a bomb milk float can do Father Judge?", then they definitely missed a trick. It is believed that she was also offered another mass in recompense, as well as a copy of The Poseidon Adventure, but both offers on that front were declined.


The phrase 'only in Ireland' comes to mind.

Hat tip to IMCDB.com for the pic and The Irish Times