Woman who threw smoothie at Leo Varadkar won’t face criminal charges 1 month ago

Woman who threw smoothie at Leo Varadkar won’t face criminal charges

The woman responsible was located by Gardaí after several months.

The Dublin woman who threw a smoothie at Tánaiste Leo Varadkar will not face criminal charges, according to reports.


Gardaí at Pearse Street station launched an assault investigation into the incident, which took place in Merrion Square in September.

Now, sources have confirmed to the Irish Independent on Sunday, that the woman responsible was eventually located by Gardaí after several months.

The woman also provided a voluntary statement and a file on the case was submitted to the DPP.

Gardaí reportedly sought a Section two assault charge. However, the DPP recently said that the woman shouldn't face criminal charges, and the case is now closed.

Gardaí confirmed to JOE that an investigation file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions who has since directed no prosecution in the matter.

Varadkar was filming a video about the new Covid-19 restrictions in Merrion Square Park when the incident occured.

A video of the incident was later uploaded online and viewed thousands of times across various social media platforms.


The Tánaiste responded to the incident last year during a government briefing, laughing off the incident before declaring he won't be looking for any further security detail.

Asked about what happened, Varadkar joked that he thought he was being approached by Avril Lavigne. "Unfortunately, it wasn't her," he said.

"I was in Merrion Square earlier on just filming a video to explain to the people of Dublin some of the decisions that were made today," he continued.

"The good news is we got it finished before any incident happened so that will be posted later on this evening.

"When I saw her coming towards me, I actually thought she was Avril Lavigne at first. She had the skateboard and everything, but unfortunately, it wasn't!


"She also had a smoothie which ended up all over my face and halfway down my suit. But, look, I had a spare suit and I just got on with the day's work."