Woman saved after being trapped in an elevator for three days 4 years ago

Woman saved after being trapped in an elevator for three days

Claustrophobics, look away now.

A woman became trapped inside a stuck elevator on Friday 25 January, and wasn't freed until Monday 28.


After over 60 hours inside the elevator, 53-year-old Marites Fortaliza was finally released when someone finally heard her calls for help and dialled 911.

Fortaliza is employed as a house-cleaner for billionaire investor Warren Stephens, and was taking care of his New York home while he was away on an extended business trip.

According to 9News, once the New York Fire Department managed to release her from the elevator, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital with severe dehydration but her condition has since improved.

The New York Post reports that an unidentified man at the townhouse refused to let a city Department of Buildings inspector inside to check out the lift in question.


A statement from the family’s investment banking firm said that "The employee involved has been a valued member of the Stephens extended family for 18 years. The Stephens family is relieved that she is doing well in the hospital.

"A Stephens family member accompanied her to the hospital this morning and remains at her side. The cause of this unfortunate incident is being investigated, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that something like this never happens again."