Only one in 10 professionals want to go back to the workplace full time 2 years ago

Only one in 10 professionals want to go back to the workplace full time

59% of employees in Ireland say that they must return to the workplace when it reopens.

The increase in people working from home may be one of the many things that last for a long time after Covid-19 is gone.


And the stats suggest that people would be fairly content if that is the case.

Only one in 10 workers want to go back to the workplace on a full-time basis, according to a new survey of 3,784 employees in Ireland by

Adjusting to new workplace Covid protocols is among the biggest concerns for employees as a number of businesses prepare to return to work on 13 September.

According to the survey conducted by, two in five (40%) employees say they would like to continue working from home on a full-time basis while almost half (49%) would be happy to do a mixture of both.


The majority of employees say they will be obliged to return to the workplace once it reopens.

According to the survey findings, there are a mixture of return to work policies being put in place by employers around the country:

  • 59% of employees say that they must return to the workplace when it reopens 
  • 23% have the option to work from home for a select amount of days per week  
  • 18% can continue to work from home full time if they choose to do so 

Speaking about the findings, Christopher Paye, General Manager at said: "For many businesses in Ireland, Covid-19 has made working from home the new normal - even for those who didn’t think it would be possible.


"Equally, for employees who may have been on the fence about it before, it has brought positive benefits such as a reduced commute time, or in some cases, the ability to work flexible hours. 

"Following the Government’s most recent guidelines which require all businesses to return to working from home until 13 September, the question now is whether working from home will continue to be part of our everyday work life."