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15th Mar 2017

World’s first for the Irish Defence Forces in new recruitment drive


Brought to you by the Irish Defence Forces.

A recruitment campaign with a difference.

The Irish Defence Forces are breaking new ground with an innovative video that lets you experience what it’s like to take part in a military training exercise. This unique first-person experience gives the viewer a perspective that is normally reserved for members of the Defence Forces.

The Irish Defence Forces have become the first military in the world to create a first-person interactive video as part of their recruitment campaign. The new video puts you in the boots of a member of the Irish Defence Forces, fully immersing game players in the reality of becoming a soldier conducting a joint land, sea and air assault.

The footage looks exactly like a first person shooter (FPS) video game, except the action is very real. You can check out a brief snippet of the new video below or play A New Dawn on their interactive website.

It’s an innovative approach that offers potential recruits a real insight into one of the many challenges they can expect to face as they commence their basic training.

The Irish Defence Forces are currently recruiting for both the Army and Naval Service, with opportunities to become a reconnaissance soldier, sniper and the commander of an 18.5 tonne armoured personnel carrier. However, there are also opportunities to fill less obvious roles like communications technicians, combat engineers, medics and naval divers.

A second recruitment video released last week highlighted the variety of work that the Irish Defence Forces do, from humanitarian missions to serving overseas in the Lebanon and Africa.

The new interactive video uses a real soldier avatar to fully immerse game players in the reality of becoming a soldier in a platoon which is conducting a joint land, sea and air assault. See and experience it first hand at

Brought to you by the Defence Forces. 

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