Investigation reveals you can buy a rooftop taxi sign in Cork for €200 5 years ago

Investigation reveals you can buy a rooftop taxi sign in Cork for €200

Think of the bus lane cruising...

Taxis are a stalwart part of most nights out. All we ask is for drivers to play decent tunes, listen to our terrible small-talk and eventually get us home safe to tea, toast and a warm bed.


We trust that taxi drivers are vetted and licensed by the National Transport Authority (NTA) and once we are in the refuge of the backseat there is little to worry about other than the frisky texts you sent earlier in the night.

But taxi fraud is a real thing and a TV3 News investigation airing tomorrow is exposing how loosely regulated the industry is. TV3 correspondent Paul Byrne was able to buy a Taxi rooftop sign for €200 and an undercover member of the public drove it around Cork city, even pulling up at a taxi rank.

In a statement, the NTA, said: “The design of the currently used taxi roof signs in Ireland date back many years because of this, the NTA does not own the design of the sign and cannot legally control or prevent sign manufacturers from making a taxi sign”.

However, the NTA made clear the legal implications of doing so: “It is an offence to operate a vehicle with a sign saying “taxi” or “tacsaí” unless the vehicle is licensed as a taxi. A person found guilty of that offence can be fined up to €5,000.”

Probably not worth it so...