Arlene Foster calls Simon Coveney "unhelpful, obstructionist and intransigent" 1 year ago

Arlene Foster calls Simon Coveney "unhelpful, obstructionist and intransigent"

Fighting words from Arlene Foster.

Leader of the DUP Arlene Foster has slammed Tánaiste Simon Coveney for rejecting the latest proposals put forth by the UK government to avoid a no-deal Brexit.


In a statement issued on Thursday afternoon, Foster said: "Simon Coveney's remarks are deeply unhelpful, obstructionist and instransigent. The Irish government's majoritarian desire to ride roughshod over unionism was one of the reasons why the Withdrawal Agreement was rejected.

"Mr Coveney's rejection of a reasonable offer is paving the road for a no deal exit because unionism will not allow Northern Ireland to be trapped at the whim of Dublin or the EU.

Foster also labelled the Irish government "foolish."

Speaking in the Dáil earlier today, Minister for Foreign Affairs Coveney ruled out the current proposal on the basis of customs checks, and also said no one party in the Northern Ireland assembly could have a veto on whether or not to maintain whatever agreement is reached. Of the UK's approach to finding a deal, Coveney said "Ireland has not been treated well."

Foster's statement can be read in full below:


A majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to Remain in the EU, compared to 28.1% of people who voted for the DUP at the 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election.

The UK government's latest proposals involve customs checks at various points removed from either side of the current border, effectively creating two borders. This modified backstop would remain in place for four years.

As things stand, the Brexit deadline is set for 31 October.