US presidential candidate reveals climate-saving plan straight out of Futurama 4 years ago

US presidential candidate reveals climate-saving plan straight out of Futurama

His planet-saving proposal will take 20 years and cost $4.87 trillion.

There is an episode of Futurama (which is better than The Simpsons, deal with it) called Crimes Of The Hot, in which the population of Earth discover that the planet is warming up at an uncontrollable rate due to the expulsions (re: farts) by the robot population.


Trying to find a solution, all of the world's greatest minds come together to show off their planet-saving ideas, and one of them reveals they have launched a giant mirror into space to reflect a percentage of the sun's heat away from Earth.

Instead, a tiny asteroid plinks off the mirror, creating a focused beam of heat that burns through New York City. It was a hilarious scene, more so because of how over-the-top and ridiculous it was...


Andrew Yang is an American 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and this week he revealed his plans to save the planet on his official blog, and they involve... yep, space mirrors.


"Space mirrors would involve launching giant foldable mirrors into space that would deploy and reflect much of the sun’s light. This method would be extremely expensive, which is why it should be investigated as a last resort. However, since we would be able to “undo” the mirror after deployment if needed, it’s less permanent."

Admittedly, he does have this listed under the 'Emergency Options' section of his plan of action, with his plan to have all of the United States reach a level of zero emissions by the year 2049 (one year earlier than his other Democratic candidates), alongside the more understandable plans of action, including significantly cutting down on its use of fossil fuels, ramping up the use of renewable energy, and employing methods to trap the planet-warming gases we've already released into the atmosphere over the years.

But he is also mentioning space mirrors in his plan to save his planet while running for president.

"It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it works out for 'em..."