WATCH: Stephen Fry does a fine job of fact-checking some myths about Brexit 1 year ago

WATCH: Stephen Fry does a fine job of fact-checking some myths about Brexit

Stephen Fry on Trump, Theresa May and Brexit is something you should definitely see today.

We live in a world of constant hot-takes when it comes to important topics like politics and the economy, so a bit of fact-checking every now and again is very much appreciated.

In a new video entitled Brexit 2: May & Trump vs Truth, Stephen Fry asks the question: "Who profits from the hate around Brexit and Trump’s border wall of lies?"

Fry focuses on the impact that Brexit has and will have on people in the UK and, more specifically, immigrants.

There is short interviews with victims of racial attacks, some of which took place the day after the vote of the Brexit referendum was revealed.

He also highlights the impact that it has had on medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, who Fry says are now in "crisis".

This is juxtaposed with an interview with Theresa May on This Morning, where she said: "We will stop sending vast sums of money to the EU every year, and we'll be able to put that money into what matters to us, like our schools and hospitals."

The video also shows clips of Theresa May and Donald Trump in public speeches and rallies, and highlights when they are telling the truth or not.

When they're not, a flame showing the word "FALSE" appears, and as you might guess, it appears quite often...

For example, we see a clip of Trump speaking at a rally, saying: "You just got one of the biggest pay raises you've ever received. You haven't got one in 10 years."

And of course, the "FALSE" flame appears.

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You can watch the clip in full here:

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