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20th Jul 2017

The Rock is both the people’s champ and the bookies’ champ for the next US Election

In all honesty, it could happen.


Can you smellllll, The Rock’s Election campaign?

If you had told us at the start of 2016, that a movie star and former WWE wrestler would be more favourable to become US President than a Clinton, we would have laughed, laughed some more and then may be have felt sorry that you actually thought it was possible.

However, fast forward 18 months and a whole lot of Donald Trump later and we realise that anyone can be the leader of the United States of America, anyone.

Attention has turned to the 2020 US Presidential Election already and among a list of politicians, one name sticks out above the rest.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is snuggled nice and tight between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders at 16/1. His odds have slashed a significant amount since May of this year where the former WWE Champion was a 66/1 outsider.

His price was cut in the middle of July following reports that he had filed for a campaign with the Federal Election Commission, which is the first step towards the Oval Office.

According to BoyleSports, Johnson is a better choice to replace Trump than the likes of Hilary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Mark Zuckerberg and, eh, Oprah Winfrey.

Aoife Heffron, Spokeswoman for BoyleSports commented: “Punters definitely smell what the Rock is cooking as they continue to relentlessly back him to win the 2020 US Presidential election forcing our traders to slash his odds to 16/1 having been initially installed at 66/1.”

She added “To put that into perspective, Dwayne Johnson is now the same odds, at 16/1, to become the US President in 2020 as Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.”

Here is a selection of the bookies’ favourites for the 2020 US Presidential Election…

Donald Trump 7/4

Mike Pence 7/1

Elizabeth Warren 7/1

Michelle Obama 12/1

Joe Biden 16/1

Bernie Sanders 16/1

Dwayne Johnson 16/1

Cory Booker 20/1

Paul Ryan 22/1

Mark Zuckerberg 25/1

Hillary Clinton 28/1

Oprah Winfrey 40/1

Ted Cruz 50/1

Kanye West 150/1

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