Ed Miliband tears into Boris Johnson over Northern Ireland and Brexit 3 years ago

Ed Miliband tears into Boris Johnson over Northern Ireland and Brexit

"He didn’t read the protocol, he hasn’t read the Bill, he doesn’t know his stuff".

Ed Miliband tore into Boris Johnson in the House of Commons on Monday in relation to the controversial Internal Market Bill tabled by the UK government.


Johnson maintains it is a crucial aspect of the Brexit deal, despite it seemingly breaking international law.

Miliband, who was speaking on behalf of the Labour Party, grilled the Prime Minister, accusing him of not having read the bill, and not knowing it in detail.

He said: "It is about two issues where they’re going to override international law. It’s about exit declarations – Northern Ireland to Great Britain – and the definition of state aid relating to Northern Ireland.

"If the Prime Minister wants to tell us that there’s another part of this bill that I haven’t noticed that will deal with this supposed threat of a blockade, I’ll give way to him. I’ll very happily give way to him.


"He can tell us. I’m sure he’s read it, I’m sure he knows it, I’m sure he knows it in detail – because he’s a details man. Come on, tell us, what clause protects protect the threat that he says he is worried about?"

Johnson was uncomfortable throughout, and footage of the incident has been shared widely on social media.