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A UL graduate named Frances Fitzgerald is having a tough time of it on Twitter today
Not the first time something like this has happened...

Plenty of people who have been in a similar predicament share her pain.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, you’ll be aware that the news has been dominated by the fate of Frances Fitzgerald, who resigned as Tánaiste on Tuesday.

With Fitzgerald being a very common surname in Ireland and Frances not that rare a first name either, it’s no surprise that there are more Frances Fitzgeralds in the country than the former Tánaiste, one of whom was the target of quite a bit of accidental attention today.

UL graduate Frances Fitzgerald outlined her frustration at her username being tagged in tweets about the former Tánaiste rather than the actual username for the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, which, of course, is @FitzgeraldFrncs.

Having complained about her plight on Twitter, Frances received a number of responses from people who have found themselves in a similar predicament, such as Niall Horan, Stephen Donnelly and Micheál Mac Donncha.


Now Frances has an idea of how this guy feels, every single year...

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