All government ministers to take a 10% pay cut 9 months ago

All government ministers to take a 10% pay cut

All Cabinet members are taking a pay cut.

At the briefing regarding the reopening of schools this evening, Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced that all Government ministers would be taking a pay cut of 10%.


Martin also specified that the measure would be backdated, and that the salaries would be cut by 10% from the beginning of the government, which commenced on 27 June.

The move is a direct response to the backlash received by the government's vote to increase the pay of three "super" junior ministers by €16,000 last week. Martin admitted that the issue "could have been handled better."

This will mean reductions of different sizes. For example, the Taoiseach earns €207,950 each year, which will now be reduced by around €20,000.

Each TD earns a basic salary of €96,189, while government ministers earn €79,510 on top of that. A breakdown for ministerial salaries can be found here.