Joe Biden confirmed as winner of US presidential election 3 years ago

Joe Biden confirmed as winner of US presidential election

Joe Biden will be the next President of America.

Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump in the US presidential election.


After days of votes being counted, an early declaration from Trump that he had already won and baseless claims of voter fraud, Biden has beaten Trump.

Biden reached the all important 270 electoral college votes after the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania turned blue, earning 20 electoral college votes for the Democratic candidate to get him over the line.

Biden's victory means he is the first person to win a US presidential election without winning Florida since 1924.

Biden also broke the record for the most votes ever received in the presidential election days before he reached that all important 270 electoral college votes. On Wednesday afternoon UK time, Biden exceeded Barack Obama's 2008 record of 69.48 million votes.


On Friday afternoon UK time, when Biden declared his victory, Biden had 73,523,755 votes, winning 50.5 per cent of the popular vote.

Biden's victory also means Kamala Harris will become the first female vice president of the United States.

Trump will remain in office for three months before Biden's inauguration, with some close to the president expecting him to run for office again in 2024.

The Senate remains under Republican control, which could prove a big obstacle to Biden in undoing a lot of the damage inflicted by Donald Trump since 2016.


The House of representatives, meanwhile, is heading towards being dominated by Democrats.

There are still votes to be counted, but they will not affect the outcome. The American people have spoken, narrowly rejecting four more years of Donald Trump.