Leaked documents show major problems with every alternative to the backstop 5 months ago

Leaked documents show major problems with every alternative to the backstop

You don't say.

Every single alternative to the backstop is fraught with major concerns and issues, according to a leaked report from the UK government obtained by The Guardian.

With the United Kingdom set to leave the EU at Halloween, the latest report on the post-Brexit border in Ireland has stated that every single alternative arrangement to the backstop has problems.

There are also specific concerns over whether any technological solution could be delivered to monitor cross-border trade.

The report states: “It is evident that every facilitation has concerns and issues related to them. The complexity of combining them into something more systemic and as part of one package is a key missing factor at present.”

The document is dated 28 August and it details the findings of all the advisory groups that informed the UK government on the border in Ireland.

The report also states that smaller businesses in Northern Ireland will struggle to cope under the proposed solutions to the backstop in the post-Brexit environment.

This particular document, according to The Guardian, is "being kept deliberately under wraps to try to avoid hampering Britain’s intended renegotiation of the backstop agreed to by Theresa May."

In terms of the most impractical alternative to the backstop, Boris Johnson's belief that mobile checks of livestock and crops could be introduced was listed as the most problematic and impractical.