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12th Mar 2019

WATCH: Mitt Romney blowing out his birthday cake is the strangest thing you’ll see today

Rudi Kinsella

Mitt Romney

This is so very strange.

There are very few things less awkward than sitting down while everyone else stands over you and sings ‘Happy Birthday’.

Most people tend to go a bright shade of red, and squirm uncomfortably in their seat until the experience is over.

Then you can blow the candles out and all is right with the world once again.

Well, not in Mitt Romney’s world.

On his 72nd birthday, the Senator for Utah was given a birthday cake by the staff in his office, and he decided to turn into a robot while blowing out his candles.

Romney himself shared the video on his official Twitter account on Tuesday morning.

Take a look:

Some people have since pointed out that by taking each candle out individually and blowing them out, you avoid potentially spitting some germs on to a cake that loads of people are going out to eat.

So maybe it’s actually a good idea?

Even so, it still looks absolutely insane.