Rachel Riley defends her photoshopped t-shirt of Jeremy Corbyn 8 months ago

Rachel Riley defends her photoshopped t-shirt of Jeremy Corbyn

Riley is a vocal critic of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

TV presenter Rachel Riley has caused a stir after she posted a picture wearing a photoshopped t-shirt of Jeremy Corbyn at an apartheid rally.

The original photo was taken in 1984 and captures the moment the Labour leader was arrested while protesting the South African apartheid.

In Riley's edited version, Corbyn is wearing a sign photoshopped to read, "Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour". The original message actually said, "Defend the right to demonstrate against apartheid. Join this picket."

Rachel Riley

ITV hosted a leadership debate earlier this week and Riley was pictured wearing the t-shirt leaving the ITV studios in Salford following the televised debate.

On Twitter, Riley said: “I didn’t feel comfortable knowing my workplace was to be full of racists tonight. I don’t endorse Boris, but I do endorse #NeverCorbyn. Please see my pinned thread if you still don’t understand why. #LeadersDebate #LabourAntisemitism.”

She followed it up by saying: "People can shout all they like. Most are ignorant of the facts. Which they still won’t read when they’re laid out in black and white."

Riley has come under criticism for her t-shirt for removing an anti-apartheid message (which represents the systematic racial oppression of black South Africans), to make her own political statement.