The reason why Michael Healy-Rae and Paschal Donohue clashed in the Dáil 1 year ago

The reason why Michael Healy-Rae and Paschal Donohue clashed in the Dáil

The Dáil was suspended on Wednesday as tensions between the two ran high.

The Dáil was suspended for 10 minutes on Wednesday as a row erupted between Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe.


Healy-Rae had asked Donohoe to undertake another review of the increase in VAT on tourism during Leaders' Questions.

But the row centred on Donohue's comments that Healy-Rae declined an invitation to participate in a coalition government following the last general election.

Donohue stated that Healy-Rae “ultimately decided not to join” the Government after it was formed following 74 days of talks between various parties in the Dáil.

Acting Ceann Comhairle Eugene Murphy was forced to suspend the house following the testy exchanges in which the Kerry TD called on the minister to withdraw the remarks.

The Kerry TD said that was a “lie”, and called the remarks dishonest and not decent.

Healy-Rae discussed the saga when he appeared on Ireland Unfiltered with Dion Fanning earlier this year, and explained how Enda Kenny had approached him to potentially join a coalition government, but nothing ever came of it.


He denied this was due to him refusing the then Taoiseach, but rather that no offer was ever made because when their discussions took place, Kenny had not yet spoken to Fianna Fáil at the time.

"[Enda Kenny] couldn't offer me anything but he said we'll talk again," Healy-Rae told Fanning.

"He did talk to Fianna Fáil and when he was in a position to offer roles, he was ringing people left, right and centre, but he never rang me. That was his prerogative... but other people who were trying to make me look bad opposite the public in Kerry were saying Mike was offered the job and he wouldn't take it.

"That was a lie. It was a lie. I've always told the truth and if Enda Kenny ever feels like coming out and telling the truth about what happened then he'll tell you what I'm after telling you right now because that's what happened," he said.

You can watch his full interview on Ireland Unfiltered below.