People Before Prada - The Hadid / Boyd Barrett connection taking the internet by storm 1 year ago

People Before Prada - The Hadid / Boyd Barrett connection taking the internet by storm

So nice to see such an influential figure with a massive following giving a platform to an activist like Bella Hadid.

One of the most unlikely pairs has taken the internet by storm in the past week.


Instagram users were shocked to see that among the 727 accounts that American model Bella Hadid follows was People Before Profit leader Richard Boyd Barrett.

Since the discovery was made, Boyd Barrett revealed on Tuesday (5 April) that he wasn't aware of Hadid before last week.

“I wasn’t aware of Bella Hadid, but it would appear she is an activist and an advocate on behalf of Palestine, women’s rights and progressive causes,” said the PBP leader outside Leinster House according to Newstalk.

“I am very glad to have made contact with an activist and I am always keen to meet activists who are campaigning on similar issues to ourselves.


“I did send her back a message thanking her for the follow and the share and just saying I am always glad to be on touch with activists campaigning on similar issues to ourselves.”

“I think the reason why I came across the radar of Bella Hadid is because of the video from the Dáil where I was speaking about Palestine and the double standards in terms of western policy towards occupation and invasion which went viral around the world,” he added.

Clip via People Before Profit National


Hadid has shared posts from People Before Profit to her Instagram story in the past, where she is followed by 50.7 million users.

Boyd Barrett, who was nominated for Taoiseach in 2016, said he was unaware if Hadid had reached out to him since messaging her.

“To be honest, we have a lot on our plate in terms of issues to campaign for so I know it is of entertainment value to people out there," he said.

"I think I am more focused on the campaign issues and it would seem Bella Hadid is focused on the substantial issues rather the glamour of it all.”


So, watch out the next time you see someone leafleting with People Before Profit come election season.

It may just be one of the most famous models in the world.

The impact the interaction will have on Boyd Barrett's modelling career is yet unknown.