Twitter finally takes a stand against hate speech as it bans Britain First pages 3 years ago

Twitter finally takes a stand against hate speech as it bans Britain First pages

New Twitter rules have resulted in a global purge on hate speech.

Three major Twitter pages belonging to the English far-right group, Britain First were suspended today.


Led by an "anti-hate, pro-diversity" group known as Resisting Hate, the move was carried out as part of a global #TwitterPurge campaign.

So far, the "purge" has resulted in the removal of the ultranational political organisation's main page, and the pages belonging to its two founders, leader Paul Goulding and deputy-leader, Jayda Fransen.

On Friday, 15 December, Fransen had been released on bail in Belfast after she had appeared in court over a series of threatening remarks that she posted online. This was after she had participated in a Northern Ireland Against Terrorism rally on 6 August.

Golding was arrested at the court on Thursday, 14 December while accompanying Fransen. He was then charged "with using threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour" at the same rally.

The pair had recently gained international attention after US President Donald Trump retweeted a series of inflammatory anti-Islamic posts by Fransen, containing unverified videos titled, "Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!" and "Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches."

The #TwitterPurge campaign has emerged from a new series of rules implemented by Twitter against "hateful conduct and abusive behaviour." This has resulted in some concerns among Conservative and far-right individuals and groups, many of whom believe that they could be targeted during this "purge".


This news has been used by a social media site, known as, to draw in users. has advertised itself as being an alternative platform where there are no restrictions placed on hate speech.

Gab has approximately 300,000 users, but in light of these changes in Twitter's policy, this number is likely to rise over the coming weeks.