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09th Oct 2019

QUIZ: There’s simply no chance you’ll get full marks in Week 4 of JOE’s quickfire ’19 in 90′ quiz

Rudi Kinsella

19 in 90 quiz

You can’t spend your whole day looking at Vardy/Rooney memes…

You can get a lot done in 90 seconds.

Just think about the last 90 seconds you spend in bed before you have to get out and go to work. It feels like a lifetime.

Or how about when you’re at training and the coach says you’ve only got 90 seconds of sprints left. That 90 seconds feels never-ending.

But with Week 4 of JOE’s quickfire ’19 in 90′ quiz, you’ll be begging for just a few more seconds.

Some of the questions are easy, some aren’t. The key is to stay calm. If you get one wrong, just move on to the next one.

Easier said than done…

Good luck!

And if the quiz isn’t displaying properly, just click here.

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