QUIZ: Match the Brooklyn Nine-Nine quote to the character 6 months ago

QUIZ: Match the Brooklyn Nine-Nine quote to the character


Remember when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was almost cancelled? God, that was a scary couple of days.

It made literally no sense.

It's legitimately one of the funniest television shows to grace the small screen in YEARS, so we were pretty damn relieved when it was picked back up just days after the bad news broke.

I mean, how could we survive without Boyle's creepy tendencies, or Terry's obsession with yoghurt, or Holt's love of his dog Cheddar?

Or Hitchcock and Scully's disgusting/adorable bromance? And Gina's extremely unhealthy relationship with her phone?

And that's not even referencing the fact that Jake and Amy are the best TV couple of all time. Yeah, we said it.

They're all just so great.

And if you think you know the force well enough to match 15 hilarious quotes to the character who said them, then you'd better take our quiz and prove it.

Who knows? Prove yourself and you might rise to the rank of Captain in no time.

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