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31st Dec 2018

QUIZ: How well do you know the original Indiana Jones trilogy?

Paul Moore

Indiana Jones Quiz

We’re looking for Ireland’s biggest Indiana Jones fan.

It’s not Christmas without getting stuck into the Indiana Jones trilogy – what, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Never heard of it, mate – and despite the fact that you’ve probably seen them all 1,374 times before, they continue to get better the more you watch them.

We know that it’s impossible to switch over from an Indiana Jones film.

Of course, we’ve seen Indy search for the Ark of the Covenant, escape The Temple of Doom, and reunite with his father in pursuit of the Holy Grail, but how well were you paying attention?

We’ve got 30 questions here to test your knowledge – 10 for each film – and if you can get anything above 25, you truly deserve that fortune and glory, kid.

Fortune and glory.

Think you know more about Indy than your mates? Take this test and see.

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