QUIZ: Name the counties where these Irish towns are located 4 months ago

QUIZ: Name the counties where these Irish towns are located

You might think you know Ireland, but this could prove otherwise.

One of the more pleasant aspects of taking a drive in Ireland is stumbling upon places you have previously never heard of.


Ireland may be a tiny country on a global scale, but chances are there are villages and communities even within your own county that you never had the faintest idea existed until they come up in conversation or you pass through them yourself.

With that in mind, while you might think you know your Irish geography, this quiz will really put it to the test.

We’ve tried to ensure that all 20 locations below range from decent-sized villages to fairly sizeable towns within the 32 counties of Ireland so we’re not talking about completely remote outposts across the land.

The tricky part is answering all of them within the time limit of two minutes, the pressure increasing with every tick of the clock; if you're struggling with any one place, press the next or previous questions as appropriate.


No Googling now!

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