The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 100 1 year ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 100

One. Hundred. Quizzes.

That's a lot of quizzes.

A lot of quizzes, that's what that is. You'd almost say that was too many. Especially if you wrote the damn thing every week.

On this momentous day, I look back on my time holding the reigns of the JOE Friday Pub Quiz, and I think about the hundreds of hours I've spent researching and writing questions, and I think about those dark nights of the soul when I'm bereft of ideas and craving inspiration, and I think about all of the offices and WhatsApp groups that light up every Friday when the quiz finally drops.

I think about it all, and it makes me sick.

Sick with pride. I'm so full of pride I could choke on my own self-satisfaction. It's an honour and a privilege to serve you, faithful JOE Friday Pub Quizzers. Each and every one of you.

Yes, that includes you, random people who climb into my Twitter mentions every time the quiz is late because I got tanked the night before and can barely see.

And even you, people who wanted my guts for putting in that round about whether animals fart or not. I respect and admire you all equally, which is to say, I don't respect or admire any of you at all.

Round One is One Hundred, in honour of the quiz's centenary, a whole round based on the number 100. Oh, boy! Round Two is Sport, followed by Quiz Shows - a tenuous link to the celebrations, but a link nonetheless.

The Picture Round this week is 100th Episode, which is basically 'Name the TV Show From a Still Image', but the still is taken from that show's 100th episode, which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. And finally, it's General Knowledge.

Thanks for quizzing. Here's to 100 more. Please kill me.