The JOE Music Quiz: Week 29 6 months ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 29

It's getting easier... we think!

We announced last week that we've made a conscious decision to make our music quizzes easier.


Not that we doubted your musical nous or anything and we're not exactly apologetic any time we send a tricky quiz your way either, but we had to admit that some of the quizzes were, to put it one way, ridiculously difficult.

So, we've continued to try and soften it up a bit this week - but not too much - with questions about Oasis, Pink Floyd, Ariana Grande and even Elvis Presley thrown into the mix.

There are 15 questions in total and we wouldn't be a bit surprised if some of you get maximum totals this week. In fact, we expect it.

No pressure.

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