The JOE Music Quiz: Week 47 1 month ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 47

A prime number for a prime music quiz.

Self-praise is no praise apparently. If people are uncomfortable with our assertion that our music quiz is up there as the pinnacle of music quizzes, it's more their issue than ours.


We've arrived at a happy formula of creating a quiz that is not too taxing, but taxing enough to make you want to kick yourself should you get one wrong.

Yes, of course, 'it's easy when you know it' applies here, even though that's one of the most ridiculous sayings of all time. Of course, it's easy if you know it! Imagine getting it wrong and you knew it?

Oh, wait. Now I see your dilemma.

Anyway, in this week's quiz we have questions on Kaiser Chiefs, The Doors, My Chemical Romance, and Massive Attack amongst others.

Light my fire.

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