Here's some questions and answers for your next virtual quiz 2 years ago

Here's some questions and answers for your next virtual quiz

To make life a little easier.

There's only so much TV and Netflix you can watch in the evening before it all starts melding into a blob of monotony.


Have I seen this episode before? Probably.

Is this series actually any good? It's pure muck.

Does Nicolas Cage ever turn down a role? You bet your life he doesn't.

If you're on social media, you might have noticed the trend of groups of people doing quizzes with their friends on Zoom or other video calling apps.


I, for one, have seen so much of other people's friends. I didn't even know people had so many friends.

The gallery screenshot of faces along with their Instagram handles has invaded stories and quickly conquered all before it.

It's a wonderful thing. People are finding new ways to socialise. To pass the time. To stay connected and share stories, or wine, or beers with one another at a time where positive news has taken a backseat to the big kahuna that is Covid-19.

Now to the virgin quizzers amongst us during this pandemic, there's a few different ways you can organise quizzes over video chat including through plugins and inbuilt features.


But our personal favourite is the old way with one dedicated quizmaster per quiz. The quizmaster comes up with the questions, reads them out during the quiz and sorts out any disputes which will may emerge.

The quiz takers write down their answers with pen and paper and then at the end of the round, depending on the number of players, divide into pairs and send a picture of their answers to one another to correct.

It's straightforward, you can slag the quizmaster if their questions are poor or incorrect and the quizmaster can create quirky rounds specific to the people taking part.

But if you need a little help with questions, we've a list created here for your next quiz. There are seven rounds with six questions in each round and we'd recommend you come up with your own picture round which would make 48 questions.


Follow this link to get to a Google Doc with all the questions and answers.