QUIZ: How well do you know nu metal? - Part Two 8 months ago

QUIZ: How well do you know nu metal? - Part Two

Grab your red baseball cap. We're going back in...

You might remember our first shot at this.

If not, hit up that quiz right here.

At the time, your humble quizmaster was hit with feedback such as, 'Limp Bizkit aren't nu-metal' (they are), 'A had more than one hit' (debatable) and 'Crazy Town, really?!' (fair).

It's time to take another deep dive into Kerrang! Magazine's favourite genre* and test your mettle against the nu of metal.

*Just to note; sure, we could get bogged down in some of these acts perhaps not qualifying but the rule here is - if they featured heavily and were associated within nu metal at its height, they're in.

So don't @ me about Marilyn Manson being progressive gothic rock, OKAY?

Right. 15 questions. Let's go...

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