QUIZ: Brain-teasers to get your head back in the game 5 years ago

QUIZ: Brain-teasers to get your head back in the game

Brought to you by Cadbury

Think you can figure these out?


The chances are, we've all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump during a workday. The average time it hits us is around 2:58 pm, when our brain power takes an unexpected hit.

Jobs that we were able to fly through earlier in the day take an age to get through, and productivity comes to a halt. All we need to get over this daily obstacle is a bit of a (gentle) kick up the arse. That's exactly what we're hoping to do with these brain-teasers, so time to put your thinking caps on.


Rules of the game


Basically, the idea here is to connect three unrelated words to one common phrase. This is called a Remote Associates Test of Creativity, and is meant to be a great way to gauge someone's creativity levels.

One example would be having these three words as a clue;

measure / worm / video

The answer for this would be "tape," as each of the three words is linked to it (tape measure, tapeworm, videotape). Once you've answered a few, you should be able to figure them out a bit easier.


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Brought to you by Cadbury