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06th Sep 2022

QUIZ: Can you identify which of these countries have the colour green in their flag?

Eric Lalor

Of course, it’s not just Ireland that has green in its flag.

We’re back once again with another geography quiz testing your flagging knowledge. No, we’re not suggesting your knowledge is deteriorating somehow, we mean your knowledge of flags, of course.

A thorough examination of your vexillology skills if you will. Previously, we tested you on countries with red in their flags and you rose to the challenge like we knew you would. Some of you, however, need to take a long look at yourselves…

Honestly, Sweden?!

This time out, we are searching for the countries with flags that contain a bit of green on them. One measly minute has been given. The gauntlet has been laid down.

If the quiz isn’t displaying properly, click here.

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