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21st Jun 2022

QUIZ: Can you name the 32 counties of Ireland in order of size from the biggest to the smallest?

Eric Lalor


This is a very difficult quiz, we cannot lie.

Yes, of course we all know the 32 counties, but some are quite obviously bigger than others; nicknames like ‘The Wee County’ aren’t handed out for nothing after all.

In this instance, we are challenging you to name all 32 counties of Ireland in order of size, starting with the biggest, all the way down to the smallest.

To make it that bit trickier, you won’t be able to proceed to the next answer in the quiz until you’ve answered the previous one correctly.

We are feeling fiendish, what can we say? That said, we are giving you seven minutes to complete it, so full marks should be well within your grasp.

If the quiz isn’t displaying properly, you can take it here.

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