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05th Jul 2019

QUIZ: How well do you know these classic horror scenes?


Brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures

Only true horror fanatics will get more than seven correct…

Its been an amazing couple of years for the horror genre.

From the Academy award winning success of Get Out, to the consistently chilling tales of the Conjuring universe.

But when it comes to the horror classics we all grew up with, there are so many scenes we’re sure to remember.

Because who can forget the moment when Jack Nicholson burst through the door in The Shining? Or when the possessed head turned 360 degrees in The Exorcist?

Ahead of the release of Annabelle Comes Home on Wednesday, 10 July, we thought we’d test your knowledge of the genre.

In this third instalment from the Annabelle film series, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren must face the possessed doll again. But this time, it’s inside their own home!

If the trailer below is anything to go by, this is sure to be absolutely as terrifying as the previous Conjuring and Annabelle movies, and a must see for all horror fans.

Click here if you can’t see the quiz.

Annabelle Comes Home will be creeping into Irish cinemas on Wednesday 10 July. Make sure you see it and stay up to date on your classic horror scenes.

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures