QUIZ: Name the 23 US States with a bigger population than Ireland 2 years ago

QUIZ: Name the 23 US States with a bigger population than Ireland

Can you beat the clock and name the 23 US States with more people than Ireland?

Ireland has always had a special relationship with the United States, one that's usually marked with the visit of our Taoiseach to the White House on St. Patrick's Day.


As that isn't happening this year, we've decided to mark the occasion with another one of our US geography quizzes, which have proven remarkably popular to date.

For anyone who doesn't know, there are 50 US states in total, and of that 50, there are 23 that have a bigger population than Ireland according to infoplease.com.

As of the last Census in 2016, the population of the Republic of Ireland is a little under 4.8 million (4,757,976 to be precise). More recent estimates suggest it's now closer to 4.9 million people so, to be safe, the US states we're looking for in this quiz are those with a population of five million or more.

Controversy and confusion, you say? Quizzes can be fiercely competitive. We won't be held responsible for any shenanigans that could kick-off due to our inaction on the parameter setting.


Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light...

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