QUIZ: Name the countries in Europe which contain the letter 'M' 1 month ago

QUIZ: Name the countries in Europe which contain the letter 'M'

Just the 12 this time....

Quizzes are easy when you know the answers. You probably know, for example, all the countries in Europe which contain the letter 'M'.

However, if we know all these countries, why is it not so easy to document them all at once?

It's that dastardly countdown timer again, the pressure building as each second passes and you are stuck on one or two. You feel like kicking yourself when the answers are revealed.

As there is some confusion over whether or not some countries are actually a part of Europe, we have decided on a list of entities that, according to Wikipedia, “fall even partially under any of the various common definitions of Europe, geographically or politically”. With one exception! All of the individual countries in the United Kingdom will be included, meaning the list comprises of 53 countries in total.

We’re assuming, of course, that you’ll refer to this list AFTER the quiz to verify your answers and not before or during the quiz. To be clear, the list DOES NOT include various dependencies or autonomous territories within or in close proximity to Europe. So you can forget about your Gibraltars, your Greenlands, your Faroe Islands or your Isle of Mans here.

Have a go here and feel free to kick yourself silly afterwards. You've got five minutes.

You can play the quiz below, or if it's not displaying properly, just click on the link here.