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27th Sep 2022

QUIZ: Name all the countries of the world that contain 5 letters

Eric Lalor

25 countries in the world have five letters in their name.

Atlas and globe owners of the world unite. We’ve another global geography quiz for you to get your teeth stuck into. This time we are looking for all the countries of the world that contain five letters.

As mentioned earlier, there are 24 in total, but we are going to help you out here. There are two countries listed which we’re not sure many people will know, so we are going to give them to you before you even start the quiz. We’re sound like that.

Nauru and Palau are the two countries we are giving you, but the rest are relatively recognisable and. So now, you only have 23 countries to name and we have given you a generous seven minutes to answer. Generous in the time and generous in the alphabetical order of the answers.

That’s right, by the powers of deduction. you can almost tell the starting letter of the countries you are missing when the head-scratching begins.

If you’re having problems viewing the quiz, click here.

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