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24th Sep 2021

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 262

Reuben Pinder

JOE Friday pub quiz

Here is the quiz.

It’s Friday, you’re taking your lunch break so you can do the quiz as soon as it gets sent into the office Slack. You get through the first two rounds with ease, bar one slip of the thumb. You can’t be bothered to refresh the page so you continue, adding that one you actually knew but still got wrong to your final score. You see the words ’round three, poetry’ and let out a frustrated sigh/intrigued ‘ooooh’ (delete as appropriate). You are pleasantly surprised by its relative ease, because this is a quiz for everyone. The dog round gives you confidence of reaching your all time high score on this quiz, with just five questions remaining. What is your culinary knowledge like? How well do you know Mexican breakfasts? This could be make or break.

At least, that’s how I hope this quiz goes for you. Good luck.

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