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Get Paid - Share Your News is the home of great viral content in Ireland, but the best stuff always comes from you – the loyal reader.

Whether it’s two drunk lads in Limerick having the worst fight ever committed to video, or the old “let’s throw a banger in the jacks to unblock the u-bend” trick from a while back, the very best JOE has to offer is sent to us from our friends and readers, through Twitter and Facebook.

So we figure – why not reward you for your hard work?

From now on, JOE will be rewarding someone with €250 at the end of every month – All you have to do is send us in a story!

It could be some sh*te parking in SuperValu, a bit of road sign dyslexia, or a video of some unbelievable skills with a puck and hurl. If you think it’s deadly, dumb or disgusting, we want to see it.

If we feature your story, we’ll give you a hat tip at the end of the article, and come the end of the month, which ever reader generated article has the most hits and has created the biggest buzz on social media will get the cold hard cash.

So keep your phone handy – you never know when you might see Marty Morrissey taking Alf Stewart in a sick rap battle in NUI Galway.

Tweet: @JOEdotie
Email: [email protected]