10 reasons why Andrea Pirlo could be the coolest footballer alive 9 years ago

10 reasons why Andrea Pirlo could be the coolest footballer alive

It's impossible not to love him...

JOE recently brought you some of the reasons why we felt Bayern's midfielder Xabi Alonso was the coolest footballer alive.


The article incited some fierce debate on the interweb thing-a-majig with one name constantly being mentioned as the only man who is worthy of challenging Xabi and his glorious beard for the crown.

Who is this man you ask? The one, the only... Andrea Pirlo. This is why the Italian genius could be the coolest footballer alive.

1) This photo in his own vineyard

pirlo wine


2) A certain Panenka penalty against England

In this game he also completed more passes than the whole of the England team put together.


Clip via - shelgir


3) His views on on pre-match warm ups

“One part of my job I’ll never learn to love is the pre-match warm-up. I hate it with every fibre of my being. It actually disgusts me. It’s nothing but masturbation for conditioning coaches.”

4) This photo summing up his own iconic status


5) He takes a brilliant free kick

Clip via - Roles HD

6) He got absolutely hammered celebrating Juventus' Scudetto win


Before signing him in 2011 on a free transfer, the Old Lady hadn’t managed to win a Scudetto in nine years. They’ve now won three of the last four now.


Clip via - ItalianJazzFootball

7) He is effortlessly shit cool with an awesome beard

pirlo style

Pirlo Gif

Gif via - squawka

8) This standing ovation from opposing fans

His nicknames include The Architect, Metronome, Mozart, The Professor and it seems that the Real Madrid fans acknowledge his genius.

Real Madrid - Juventus 58' Ovación Pirlo by realmadridplay

9) His role of honours and standing amongst fellow pros

The World Cup, two Champions Leagues, six Scudettos, two Super Cups, one Italian Cup and the World Club Cup.

Paul Scholes on Pirlo: “Pirlo is the world’s greatest playmaker – the complete footballer. Give him time and space and he will destroy you."

Gianluigi Buffon on Pirlo: "Watching him play, I thought God exists because it’s simply embarrassing how good he is."

10) This is how he turns the lights off

Clip via - Jeep-People